From Broadway shows at 米勒礼堂 to 博尔赫斯的健康 & 健身, WMU门票, and even tuition at Davenport University, Arbor会员可以享受密歇根州西南部当地企业和机构提供的大量福利和折扣, not to mention national companies like Quickbooks and Liberty Mutual. Explore your members-only discounts below!

Your Arbor Financial membership pays off in big ways.

Ready to get some work done (or have some fun)? Show your Arbor Financial membership and get discounts on entertainment, 健身, 安全, 医疗保健, and software — all the tools and resources you need to reach your goals.

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Be among the first to get your tax refund! 让 tutbotax® guide you through your return step by step. 最多节省15美元 on tutbotax federal products, all through tax season.



博尔赫斯的健康 & 健身中心

收到一个 50% discount on their regular initiation fee. The initiation fee, currently $199, is offered to members for $99. 考虑到你的健康 博尔赫斯的健康 & 健身中心 offers all the programs, equipment, services and amenities you desire.



  • Members have access to a 20% discount on their Davenport University tuition. 
  • 会员可享受达文波特大学专业发展课程八折优惠. 
  • 不收取申请费. 
  • To learn more about this partnership, or to save on your tuition, 点击这里. 


*Degree programs not eligible for the discount include Occupational Therapy. 学费折扣适用于在过去24个月内没有修过学分课程的新生. 你的折扣会显示在你的 经济援助奖 以*DU学费资助的名义.



  • 所有百老汇系列*优惠15%
  • 15% off all Broadway Series Plus shows*
  • 10% off all Spotlight Series performances*

有关演出的更多资料,请 在线访问米勒礼堂.

*观众可亲临米勒礼堂售票处购票,或致电269购票.387.2300 or 800.228.9858. 电话预订将在米勒礼堂售票处进行,并可在演出前或演出当晚出示有效的Arbor Financial Credit Union身份证件.



  • 2 for 1 tickets to WMU athletic events*
  • Limit of four tickets per event - two paid, two free
  • 个人游戏预订票可于现场购买 野马售票处 prior to game day with your Arbor Financial credit or debit card. 可能会有其他限制

*Arbor Financial Credit Union的2换1折扣不适用于高级游戏. 联系 野马售票处 有关详细信息,.



Arbor Financial Credit Union members and their families2 receive identity theft protection powered by IDProtect for just $3 a month. The service features access to a fraud specialist who will work with you until your credit and identity are restored; debit and credit card registration; up to $10,000身份欺诈费用报销覆盖**与恢复您的身份有关的费用, 和更多的!



Arbor Financial会员可获得任何演出(每场5场)门票的常规价格折扣5美元 谷仓剧院 在密歇根州的奥古斯塔.



得到 QuickBooks的折扣 并发现一个更简单的方法来巩固你的记录和管理你的财务.



Arbor金融信用合作社的会员可以从Liberty Mutual获得折扣利率® 包括汽车和房屋保险1. 得到 a free customized quote from your local Liberty Mutual® 保险 representative, 莎拉 Hoffman. 联系莎拉: 269.569.7197,电邮至 莎拉.Hoffman@LibertyMutual.com, or 按照约定 today to find a solution for your needs.

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  • 会员可享受苦甜滑雪场滑雪卡的优惠价格. 
  • Ski Cards provide discounts on rental equipment and lift tickets. 
  • Two complimentary ski or snowboard lessons.*
  • 普通滑雪卡价格:29美元
  • Arbor会员滑雪卡价格:$27


得到 discounts on exams, glasses, and contact lenses at RX Optical. 您还可以将RX光学视力优势计划(VAP)与大多数保险计划相结合,以节省更多费用. For more information or to download your RX Optical member discount card 点击这里.

**由美国保险集团(AIG) Inc .的保险公司子公司或附属公司承保的身份盗窃保险. 此处的描述是摘要,仅供参考,不包括所有术语, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. 有关条款、条件及承保范围除外事项,请以实际保险单为准. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.

1TruStage®汽车 & 首页 保险 Program is made available through TruStage 保险 Agency, LLC and issued by leading insurance companies, including Liberty Mutual 保险 Company and affiliates, 伯克利街175号, 波士顿, MA, 02116年美国. ©2020利宝互助保险公司. 在法律允许的范围内, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify. Discounts are not available in all states and discounts vary by state. 在州法律法规允许的情况下,将获得消费者报告机构的消费者报告和/或机动车辆报告,这些报告列在保险单上. Please consult your policy for specific coverage and limitations. 所提供的保险不是存款, 也没有联邦保险, sold or guaranteed by your credit union. 您的信用合作社允许提供此保险计划,并有权从TruStage获得赔偿. 学习 more about our privacy policy at libertymutual.com/privacy. ©2020特信保险代理.

2IDProtect服务是为个人支票账户持有人提供的个人身份盗窃保护服务, their joint account owners and their eligible family members. 该服务适用于非上市企业及其在该账户上列出的企业所有者及其符合条件的家庭成员(不适用于非所有者的员工或授权签署人)。. 非帐户所有者的帐户上的“签名者”不可使用服务. 扶轮社不提供服务, organizations and/or churches and their members, 学校及其雇员/学生. 对于可撤销的设保人信托, 这项服务只适用于设保人担任受托人的情况,并涵盖设保人、受托人及其合资格的家庭成员. 适用于所有其他受托帐户, 这项服务包括受益人, 谁必须是主要成员, and their eligible family members (Fiduciary is not covered). 家庭成员包括:, persons qualifying as domestic partner, 25岁以下的子女和帐户持有人的父母是同一家庭的居民.